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LLC "Food Processing" is an expert in equipment for food production industry. We offer a wide range of equipment for processing meat, poultry and fish from the world's leading manufacturers.
We choose our partners very carefully, that is why our customers get the perfect price-quality ratio.
The developed partner network, valuable experience and our specialists’ professional expertise allow us to investigate each client’s needs and provide equipment customized to special requests, as well as offer support in dealing with many problems concerning production and packaging of food products.
Together we make this world delicious!

We provide technical support throughout the entire service life of the equipment, ensuring expertise and high работы наших технических специалистов.

We highly appreciate our clients and work every day to provide uninterrupted work of their equipment .


    Наши самые опытные специалисты проводят обучение для сотрудников наших клиентов, чтобы подготовить их к самостоятельному управлению оборудованием, и постоянно оказывают поддержку компании-клиенту на начальном этапе.


    Решение технических проблем в короткие сроки посредством выезда специалистов на место установки оборудования.

    Наши технические специалисты проконсультируют, помогут подобрать, заказать и доставить клиенту необходимые запчасти.

You are a large enterprise and you need an increase in production capacity,

or you want to expand your horizons and master a new direction...

Or maybe you've never worked in the field of food industry and want to start your own business,

but you don't know how to approach the issue of organizing production...


Our specialists will support you at every stage of your project

and will bring your ideas to life

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